God's WORTHshop is far beyond a collection of projects that become ho-hum activities to keep hands and minds busy, through long 'golden years' days of feeling like you've been shelved, by God and those around you. Though it may seem overly simplified, there is great truth to the axiom - “If you're still breathin', God has need of you... or moreso, you have need of Him.”

It would be short-sighted to think that God's WORTHshop projects are just for the silver-haired.
God's WORTHshop projects have a two-fold purpose:

(1)Assemble the projects while learning heavenly truths, often represented by items and instructions in the project.
(2) The finished kit (project) then becomes a toolkit used by faith-based leaders, in basements, backyards, or jungle clearings.

We are upscaling our resources and may still contain titles no longer accurate.